Saturday, September 11, 2010

Post 1.01.01

Well a friend of mine told me I should start writing this blog, so bare with me as I begin to clog the internet with my inane drivel once more, again..

I have a cup of coffee, I don’t know how anyone is meant to write a blog post at 9:29pm on a Saturday night with out a large cup of coffee, unless like I didn’t do today they slept all day till 2 or 4 or even 5 pm .. But I didn’t do that, I have coffee! I also have white wine (should I write that with a mainly Christian readership) Well I have drunked all* the wine and none of the coffee yet which rendered this last paragraph kind of useless-full..

I like a blog with food notes, as a wise man once said (I think it was me); “if it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying with food notes - I mean footnotes!” Well I have footboats but nothing worth weighing yet, so I move hastily onto the subject of this post..


Now please don’t get the wrong idea, please don’t switch off, please let me explain, please don’t just leave I have no readers already, if you go I’ll be into the read! I am not one of those technical geeks enamoured of the ipad because of it’s 9.2’, 1025/768 twix, blewtooth, Hi-Fi, and 16-64 beautiful gigabits of storage.. May it live for ever..

No I want one for much more Godly reasons.. Okay I’ve not worked out what those reasons are yet, but I’m working on it! Hard! And there are loads of good reasons why when you set your mind to it!

Apple say so, and Apple know best!

It’s pretty and I want one

Glynd┼Ár students will all get saved if they see Gateway church has ipads!

It’s pretty and I want one

It will annoy my good friend Steve King, and will cause my good friends Sam Li, and Aled Morgan to sin with envy..

It really is very pretty and I really very want one!

Anyhow, I think that is about all you ever need to know about the iPad .. Retailing for just £100 pounds more than it’s worth! Can you say that on the internet?

* All - in moderation

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I don't think Music ever made me cry before..

But I cried listening to this, not sadness just from not knowing what else to do with that level of beauty in sound, God made us to enjoy creativity .. Bach labored over writing this, these men spent years perfecting the art of violin playing .. But God made Bach's mind, he grew the fingers that make that sound, he designed the sound waves and the friction of the bow across the strings, he gave the wood it's acoustic value.. How great is our God!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Could a day be any more perfect?

This for Wrexham off of the BBC weather news site .. Fog, grey cloud, sunny intervals, clear sky!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cricket - T20 World Cup Final..

Please if you are not familiar with Cricket do not switch off, I will try my very hardest not go into any great detail with out first explaining it in the form of the humble footnote.

Well England1 have made their way spectacuarly into the final of the Twenty202 World Cup3, and will play Australia4 tomorrow5 in Barbados6. If it lives up to expectations7 it could be one of the greatest8 games of at least this week!

But truth be told I fear it will be a depressing rout as Australia steamroll England who will crumble predictably like a raspberry jelly smashed on a chopping board! The only hope for England is that their water based fruity dessert holds firm together and the knife of fate slices hard missing their pudding and hitting straight through the chopping board of The Australian middle order, into the marble worktop of history.

1A County in Western Europe known for inventing sports, football, rugby, cricket, tennis, badminton and then being beaten at them by the rest of the world..
2A short form of Cricket played over 20 'overs' a side, an over being 6 'balls' long, a ball being a play as the bowler bowls the ball towards the wicket (three stumps), Oh this is too much like Hard work go read about it on Wikipedia..
3A cup played for by the world..
4A race of super sporting beings who will destroy England tomorrow in Barbados..
5Day after today
6A Island in the WestIndies ..
7Hopes made to be dashed!
8Better than average, preferably vaguely interesting! Truth be told so many sporting events are called the greatest sporting event of all time that it is often hard to differentiate between brilliance and mediocrity!

Photo of the Day.. RED

I took this in Bodnant Gardens North Wales, April this year..

When Robbers Rob and Writers, well..

Well, I think this is about the last of many chances for this blog.. I have deleted all the old posts that span back to 2004, or should that be spanned, they are all but gone now.. I be live they are achieved somewhere on the Internet but I hope and pray I shall never have to set my gaze on them again!

It has just gone 11 past 1am in the morning, not the afternoon, the time when good people are asleep and bad people are robbing houses, banks, cars and the like.. I am writing my blog, which I think is a most excellent waste of time.. And at least it gives me an alibi for the car window I just smashed in out side B@Q in Leeds.. I say in Leeds, just in case there is such a case in Deeside tonight and this post is taken to be my confession. If that is so I would like to state now that I have never smashed a car window in my life, though I came within 6 inches of doing so once with a cricket ball from 50 yards, and the dent in my Dad's car will testify to my truthfulness! And that's about all I've got to say on the matter! It's good to be blogging again, I shall take this slowly and try not to write too much at once! Hope you enjoyed reading my return!