Saturday, September 11, 2010

Post 1.01.01

Well a friend of mine told me I should start writing this blog, so bare with me as I begin to clog the internet with my inane drivel once more, again..

I have a cup of coffee, I don’t know how anyone is meant to write a blog post at 9:29pm on a Saturday night with out a large cup of coffee, unless like I didn’t do today they slept all day till 2 or 4 or even 5 pm .. But I didn’t do that, I have coffee! I also have white wine (should I write that with a mainly Christian readership) Well I have drunked all* the wine and none of the coffee yet which rendered this last paragraph kind of useless-full..

I like a blog with food notes, as a wise man once said (I think it was me); “if it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying with food notes - I mean footnotes!” Well I have footboats but nothing worth weighing yet, so I move hastily onto the subject of this post..


Now please don’t get the wrong idea, please don’t switch off, please let me explain, please don’t just leave I have no readers already, if you go I’ll be into the read! I am not one of those technical geeks enamoured of the ipad because of it’s 9.2’, 1025/768 twix, blewtooth, Hi-Fi, and 16-64 beautiful gigabits of storage.. May it live for ever..

No I want one for much more Godly reasons.. Okay I’ve not worked out what those reasons are yet, but I’m working on it! Hard! And there are loads of good reasons why when you set your mind to it!

Apple say so, and Apple know best!

It’s pretty and I want one

Glynd┼Ár students will all get saved if they see Gateway church has ipads!

It’s pretty and I want one

It will annoy my good friend Steve King, and will cause my good friends Sam Li, and Aled Morgan to sin with envy..

It really is very pretty and I really very want one!

Anyhow, I think that is about all you ever need to know about the iPad .. Retailing for just £100 pounds more than it’s worth! Can you say that on the internet?

* All - in moderation

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A figleaf of your imagination said...

I will be very envious if you get an iPad Tim, and I am also wanting to wait until the price comes down to it;'s actual value!!